Never touch a dirty, manual mop again.


Meet BENJI - the world's first clean-water, touchless mopping system.


  • Clean-water. Always. No need to empty and refill.

  • Light and Compact. Without a sweat or spill.

  • Semi-automated. Reduces effort and injuries. 

  • Dirt-collector. Retains impurities down to 1 micron.

  • Resource-savior. Thousands of gallons annually.

We have been looking for equipment that filters the water.
— Will Zehr, Director of Purchasing, GDI Cleaning
A gamechanger and huge cost saver in the hospitality industry!
— Ritesh Patel, CN Hotels
My colleagues and I are excited to purchase the units for our offices.
— Eyal Levit, Owner & MD, Dermatologist Office
Reduce time, effort and disinfectant. We look forward to using this!
— Maria Alvarez, Facilities Maintenance, Sports Club